Learning To Love You More




Assignment #70
Say goodbye.

Kimberley McCormick
Hazelton, British Columbia CANADA



good bye Southern belles
good bye lizards on the porch
good bye Florida
good bye southern style sweat tea
good bye flip-flops in the winter
good bye frizzy hair in the summer
good bye trying to do things my body wasn't meant to
good bye Florida
good bye to falling in love with people from across the room
good bye to offering my heart to everyone
good bye Florida
good bye I'm sorrys
good bye to thinking they're always looking
good bye to not living
good bye to sleeping pills, and red bull
good bye just being satisfied
good bye being afraid of my hands, and my mind
good bye 'Fun Times in Roman Days'
good bye Elliott Smith, I've finally grasped that you're not coming back
good bye to caring about what others think
good bye Florida
good bye to thinking gloves or mitts will take off my hands
good bye dark shadows getting the best of me
good bye grandma's sanity, I wasn't ready to let you go the first time
good bye Brick City Park, and fireflies
good bye trying to live my life like a Hold Steady song, when it already is
good bye to short-patience
good bye Connor, I'm going to try and not think about you everyday
good bye to Craig Finn, and John Darnielle reminding me of you
good bye waiting for you to make up your mind, I know where I'm going
good bye Daniel, the past is a grotesque animal
good bye Florida
good bye Ralph Steadman Wine, and a truth blanket in the middle of a field
good bye to missing you, when I never had you to begin with
good bye being bored with life
good bye Florida, I mean it this time!
good bye waiting for things to happen.