Learning To Love You More




Assignment #53
Give advice to yourself in the past.

Lynette White
Sandpoint, Idaho USA



Advice to Lynette, age 15
1. It's okay to be a late bloomer. Look at your sisters, they developed later than the other girls in school too. This is a plus for you because it teaches you to be patient, and not to be in such a rush to grow up. I know it's frustrating because all the other girls are going through changes you know nothing about, but your time will come very soon.
2. The next time your big brother asks you to go with him to his church dances, you should go, instead of sneaking outside to smoke. You never know who you will meet, and Dan would never steer you toward hurtful people. He just sees you as a person of value, his dynamic little sister, and wants to expose you to people who want to share good times.
3. Be a better listener to your best friend. You love eachother very much and she simply needs your ear. Joyce needs you for the sister she doesnt have at home. She is living in an abusive situation with her brother, and also trying to fend off all the racism that exists in school. Understand that the reason she comes over so much to hang out with you is because you are an amazing best friend, and a safe haven for her.
4. Ask more from your mom and dad. Be bold in your questions. Quit being so afraid to ask them about sex and love. Ask your brother and sisters too. Ask the school counselor. Pretty soon you will encounter guys who want to have a variety of relationships, and I see that your self-esteem is really fragile. Please talk to your family and friends, anyone who cares for you.
5. Make better friends with your stepmother. She is a kind, smart person and would like to have a closer relationship with you. I think you shun her too much because you listen to other family members talk negatively about her. Ignore what they say and spend more time with Micky.
6. Quit chasing John Turck. Remember when you wrote him a love letter? That was amazing and very sweet and brave of you, but understand that he may not feel the same way as you. It's fine that you like him, but there are lots of other nice guys at school and church. And anyway, I dont think that John is oriented toward attraction toward girls.
7. When your stepdad and brother in law proposition you again, you must report it to mom, dad, and the entire family. Do not hide their inappropriate behavior anymore. They must be held accountable for what they do.
8. Go fishing with your dad more often. That is the one thing you both do well together.
9. Keep up your writing. You have lots of talent with it.
10. Quit worrying so much about the way you look. You are perfect the way you are. If you knew what you were going to look like in 30 years, you would be very grateful now. And use a good moisturizer!