Learning To Love You More




Assignment #53
Give advice to yourself in the past.

Northampton, Massachusetts USA



Advice to Sarah at the age of 14
1. Stay far away from Jason. Something very awful will happen at his house in May. Your life will be changed forever.
2. Robert Foster is too old for you. Don't go to his house for new year's. It'll be no fun anyway.
Age 18
1. Don't move in with Jessi. She's a slob, will make you feel lonely, and it'll ruin your friendship. Live alone.
Age 19
1. Jeremy is a nice person but the relationship you will have with him is not worth the heartache it'll cause between you and your friends. Don't get serious with him, it'll damper your friendship with Becca and you come to find that as you grow older she'll be one of your dearest friends.
2. Have more fun with your girlfriends. You will find yourself alone in your twenties and if you spend your early years building stronger friendships and feeling more secure in yourself, being alone won't seem so hard. Besides your girlfriends always have your back.
3. Don't lose contact with Cole. You'll miss him too much when he moves away to Washington.
4. Go to Chicago more, it's not far away.
5. Talk to your brothers more often. Love them unconditionally. Dan will get very sick and you don't want to spend more time regretting your lack of actions.
Age 22
1. Steven is dear friend, but he should only be that. Your relationship will be bring out very ugly parts of you and him. Don't fall in love with him. He will break your heart. This may mean you move into the unknown alone, but that'll be ok. You are strong and don't need crutches.
2. Don't become good friends with Lyndsey. While she is a nice person, she does not want to invest in you and your best interest is not on her mind.
Age 23
1. Move to Northampton, but look for a one bedroom apartment. You will miss living alone and need more time to yourself.
2. Don't invite Ryan back to your studio to watch a movie. You will not feel good about what happens that night and he will not be nice to you afterward.