Learning To Love You More




Assignment #53
Give advice to yourself in the past.

Houston, Texas USA



Age 12
1. You are not fat don't spend so much time berating yourself because you don't look like Angela.
Age 14
2. Don't do it. It will change your life forever and not in a good way
3. Also: Kari doesn't know what the hell she is talking about. It's okay to be a good girl.
Age 16
4. Don't kiss Alan. He is not yours to kiss and this will make you so miserable and jumpstart a life of depression patterns.
Age 20
5. Breaking up with Ben was the right thing to do, but dating the **** you think is wonderful will only lead you to horrifying consequences. JD is your first true love. Cherish every moment, but know when to let go... You will make an ass of yourself.
Age 21
6. DON'T tie yourself to him, it will ruin your life for several years to come.
Age 22
7. Stay away from Eric, he will hurt your over and over and over again. He is selfish and will NEVER love you. Sorry, but you need it that harsh to stay away.
Age 24
8. Breathe. There IS a name for what you have, and you can work it out. Your father is your greatest strength in life, lean on him when you need to. And forgive him for losing the dog, your mom will just let it get ran over anyway later.