Learning To Love You More




Assignment #53
Give advice to yourself in the past.

Easton, Pennsylvania USA



advice to nicole at age 4:
1. don't run around at nana's house. you always get yelled at. this time it will ruin thanksgiving dinner, and leave you with a scar on your face. i know it's fun, but it's really not worth it.
advice to nicole at age 7:
2. keep seeing julie. i know it's different since you moved but you'll miss her one day and it will never be the same. if you tell mom you don't want to see her anymore, mom will listen to you and stop calling. but mom will lose her really good friend. just try to be selfless and hang out with julie, she'll get cooler as you get older.
advice to nicole at age 9:
3. don't jab your leg with the mechanical pencil because you're mad at mrs. koch. you'll end up breaking the lead off in your knee and it'll be stuck there forever.
advice to nicole at age 14:
4. just because other girls have their period doesn't make you any less of a girl then they are. in the long run, it's better to be a late bloomer.
5. when you leave the bathroom in the aquarium, make sure your fly is up. jason's dad will embarrass you on the bus ride home and it will ruin your day.
6. don't fight with sarah over jason. he doesn't really like either of you, he's just playing the field. one day he'll become your best friend. you won't have any romantic feelings toward him, so don't ruin your time on the field trip because nothing will ever come of it.
advice to nicole at age 15:
7. stop being shy. high school will eventually become your favorite place to be. don't be sad or awkward or depressed. mom will worry all year and it will make you feel awful.
8. don't go out with josh, it won't amount to anything and you'll just feel unattractive once it's over.
9. go to the dance with sean. it breaks his heart when you don't and years later he still remembers when how you turned him down. he becomes another good friend so treat him well.
10. talk to aaron more. i know you're trying, but keep at it. he is your soul mate, even if he doesn't know it yet. when it snows on his birthday run a little faster so you can catch him before he leaves. don't hesitate so much when he says he wants to kiss you. just go for it. you'll love it.
11. don't even think about smoking pot with christie on the retreat. don't mention it, don't get excited when she says she has some. even though you don't do it, this will cause huge problems later on.
advice to nicole at age 17:
12. ignore james. don't ever get involved with him. he isn't worth your time and he's just using you. this will cause a huge trust issue with aaron and it will take a very very long time to right itself.
13. don't smoke that first cigarette with steph. it doesn't make you look cool, because you're bad at it. and aaron almost leaves you. eventually smoking won't be a big deal, and you'll both do it socially anyway. just give aaron time to realize.
advice to nicole at 18&19:
14. ryan is bad news. his texts are meaningless, he sends the same ones to lots of girls. don't let him into your life. he'll just hurt you when he doesn't say goodbye. you'll eventually find out he has never been genuine at all. aaron will find out about you two and it will rip him apart. he'll stay with you but his trust will be broken again.
15. you don't feel this way yet but aaron is the only person for you. tell him that. don't try to break up with him or push him out of your life. you love him.
16. leaving messiah was a good idea. you end up with more opportunities than you could have ever imagined.
advice to nicole at 20:
17. see jane more. you don't realize it but she is a kindred spirit. your friendship has been through many things but it will always be the same. she leaves for chicago soon and you won't have her anymore. i know you're tired but go out and see her more than once a month. you both need each other.
18. savor the last months with aaron before he leaves. don't always be lamenting and pessimistic about the future. it would be better for you to just have fun and enjoy the time. being away will be hard but you'll be alright.