Learning To Love You More




Assignment #53
Give advice to yourself in the past.

Miami, Florida USA



Advice to Nicky at age 7
1. Realize you have a reading problem, attempt to fix it, listen to your mom she is only trying to help ,and learn to study then maybe you won't have to repeat a grade and your parents will be able to use the money they might have to use on tutors and learning programs that you would not even benefit from, on their travels. I think they would like that. Don't worry you're on to greater things.
Advice to Nicky at ages 10-11
2. Don't listen to Ms. Helu she's just old and bitter, and you're on to greater things. You will overcome your problems in math. It's okay to cry you're still a kid.
Advice to Nicky at ages 11-12
3. Practice your drum skills then maybe in the future you could tryout for an art school instead of a crappy real high school. Don't worry you're on to greater things.
Advice to Nicky at ages 14-15
4. Physical Education isn't the end of the world, you'll make up for that 14:30 on the mile in the future. Just cause your awkward in your tacky uniform now doesn't mean you will be awkward in high school. Don't tell Danny you have a crush on J.J. Danny will tell him, and the rest of the grade and this will lead to a string of terribly embarrassing events. Stop hanging out with Eli she is a terrible human being and all around nasty and you know it. STUDY DAMN IT! Don't rely on Lauren she will let you down, and this will affect you tremendously. Work on your drumming skills it will really help you in the future. Don't be lame, but don't loose that Yoda watch it's really fucking awesome . You're on to greater things!
Advice to Nicky at ages 15-16
5. Be nice to Gaby, she is a saint. Be yourself and love yourself cause high school really sucks when you're self loathing. Find friends, being introverted is not that fun. Don't be so dramatic just cause Lauren ignores you, you don't even like her that much . Don't over think EVERYTHING it will make you very sad and very crazy. And relax You're on to greater things!
Advice to Nicky at ages 16-17
6. High school sucks, but you don't have to take it so seriously. Javi is a good friend treat him well. Gain confidence and again be yourself, you're a character and people should praise you for that. Finish things, please. Live every moment to its fullest. Move, enjoy, smile, laugh, if not you'll regret it. Don't forget you're on to greater things.
Advice to Nicky at ages 17-18
7. Don't get that tattoo unless you're completely happy with yourself and find out what that song is about, it could be a porn reference! LIVE, PLEASE DO THAT! Cause not living can get pretty boring. Get good grades this is your most important year. Be confident. Be yourself. Love yourself. Love others. Smile. Make new friends cause your friends don't see how smart and cool and wonderful you really are. Listen to your parents they give you the best advice. And remember you're on to greater things, I promise.