Learning To Love You More




Assignment #53
Give advice to yourself in the past.

Leslie Doyle
Lexington, Kentucky USA



Advice to Leslie Age 8:
1. Your dad is going to have a heart attack, but don't worry. Things will be fine; you just won't get to see Aladdin like he promised. In the future, ignore him more otherwise his comments will change you. It's going to be weird to you to get your period now, but it isn't as devastating as you may think. Life gets better.
Age 11:
2. Don't make that prank phone call; it actually ends up really scary to someone.
3. Joe Pat is completely not worth your time, be careful not to be too obsessive.
Age 13:
4. Try to make sure Amber doesn't take those pills. It's going to hurt her heart. Drugs are not cool.
Age 14:
5. High School sucks. Try to keep in mind that it's not going to matter what social group you were in. You will be successful. Drinking isn't everything. Don't talk to Jen, she'll break your heart. Talk to Trish more, you'll learn more about yourself. Don't hide who you are and don't think you are going to hell because of it.
Age 16:
6. You Mamaw will die this year. It's okay to cry, don't hold it in. Try to listen to her stories before prom. Learn more about her. She has amazing stories to tell if you listen, at least... I always thought she might. Don't go to the prom after party, bad things happened. Actually don't go to the next one either, that one was bad too. Just go home.
Age 17:
7. Your best friend will get pregnant and she will lose the baby. Don't tell her this, but after it happens, hold her. Don't leave her so easily when you start college. You aren't the best in high emotion situations, but people need you around. Savor New York. Go to Community College first, it's cheaper and faster.
Age 18:
8. Don't pressure Al to come here. He's not the "one." You'll realize this is a big joke later. He's not good in bed, your family hates him, and you end up having to break his heart. Still push to lose the weight, you will feel much better. September 11th will be devastating, but don't be scared; it's going to work out. Times are going to be a little scary from here on out, but keep living.
Age 19:
9. Take care of Adrian. No matter how she gets, her boyfriend is causing it and she needs you. Don't cut her out of your life. Two years without her is hard. She's the greatest friend you will ever have. She will be happy in the future.
Age 21:
10. You are going to be an aunt this year. Cherish every moment you have with your niece. She's going to grow up fast. Go over as much as possible. She's going to prove to you life and love is worth it for the rest of your life. She loves you so much, so give it to her as well.
Age 22:
11. Get out of Maysville as soon as possible. Get your Masters in Fine Arts degree, it's going to be the best decision you ever made. Move to Lexington, you will learn so much.
12. Don't talk to Adam. He will hurt you. It's not worth it.
13. Don't meet Jamie. Don't meet Steven.
14. Don't date David, I know he's hot. You just aren't ready for this yet and he will only end up starting your depression. Just take a break.
Age 23:
15. As much as I want to tell you to not date Mark, you need to. It's going to hurt. It's going to push you into a depression you won't be able to get out of. But it's going to be worth it. The combination of graduate school, new friends, and everything you learn is not right from him will make you into a person that you want to be. Just don't hold on as long. He's not worth it. He's going to cheat on you, and he's going to always lie to you. But this experience will teach you how to love even more. Cut off your hair, you are going to love it! Don't even think about leaving school, you didn't come this far to quit. You instructors will support you. You will get in. And your life is going to change for the better. Leave those abstracts behind. You can make work matter to someone. The idea should come before the media. During all of this, your granny will die. Deal with the pain of it and hug your papaw more. He's going to be very sad.
Age 24:
16. When summer comes you will be feeling better. Don't invest yourself with Sherry; she will only keep reminding you of your past. Call your mom more often. Go out more. Don't date Bradley or Steven. They are a joke. It will just make you more of a mess. Focus on yourself and develop friendships. Always remember, in the end, all you have is yourself. Your niece will not forget you. Your mom will get sick right when you turn 25; she's going to be okay. She's finally going to take care of herself. Keep living. I know life is weird now, but keep going.