Learning To Love You More




Assignment #53
Give advice to yourself in the past.

Gothenburg, SWEDEN



Advice to myself at age 17:
1. don't get too emontionelly involved with Olle. he's really not that great. look at it as a fun thing. don't cry your heart out when he breaks up with you. it's his loss and he will realize it later.
2. don't loose yourself when you fall in love with Erik. you are you're own person. don't stop listening to the music you usually listen to, keep looking for new music even if Erik doesn't like it. don't spend all time with him, he will not stop being in love with you because you're not with him 24/7, probably the opposite. and don't take it as critisism when he tells you to spend more time with your friends, he just wants what's best for you.
3. don't let Amanda step on you. she's really a bitch, and you don't have to spend time with her.
4. don't be afraid of Karin. she's not mean. in a few years you will be really good friends and she will be one of the people who knows the most about you.
5. don't forget your friends. spend more time with them, specially Lina and Josefin. ask them about whats going on in their life, and when they ask you about you and Erik, be honest and talk about your problems instead of keeping them inside. you can trust them.
6. don't try roleplaying at GoB. talk to Erik and tell him why you're sad and that you don't want to. otherwise you'll end up wandering the streets in the middle of the night crying and when you get back you'll have a misarable time.
7. spend more time at the bookcafé and learn as much as possible. Erik doesn't always have to come along, you're friends with Claes too, and they appriciate your company.
8. treat mom and dad better. and remember that you still live there, so spend a little more time at home.
9. keep being friends with Franco and Petter, in a few years you'll be sad that you don't know them any more.
10. demand a better sexlife. you deserve it, and it's okay to tell Erik what you want.
11. don't loose your creativity. you can write even if you're happy. photograph more.
12. don't throw away everything you've written about Olle and everything else in your life. your memory will suck, and you won't remember everything you want.
13. remember that you're Erik's girlfriend, not his servant.
14. be more curious and don't be so damn lazy.
15. and once again, remember, it's not okay to neglect your friends. you'll regret it. a lot.