Learning To Love You More




Assignment #53
Give advice to yourself in the past.

Raleigh, North Carolina USA



To Amber: Age 13
1. Enjoy your time with Ryan. He really loves you and hanging out with him was fun. Your parents don't understand you and they never will, it's ok.
To Amber: Age 15
2. Stop smoking pot all the time and go to your AP Biology class, Mrs Watts is one of the best teachers you never took advantage of your time with, ditto for Mr. Hanson. You aren't fat. And Sarah and Sarah actually do enjoy spending time with you, don't be afraid to invite them to do something.
To Amber: Age 16
3. Challenge your mom when she says you can't go get ice cream with Greg. You don't really question that many of your mother's decisions b/c you're a good kid, but this is one you should have challenged. You'll still be wondering in 10 years what would have happened.
To Amber; Age 17
4. Don't start dating Joey. Blow him off and go have fun.
5. Apply to every out of state school you would consider, and go to one of them. Oh, and make sure it's a liberal arts college.
To Amber: Age 19
6. Have fun. Do study abroad for a semester. The hunch you have about yoga is correct.
To Amber : Age 20
7. Don't ever compromise your beliefs or opinions for a guy. You should stay broken up and you know it. You are wasting your time with this guy and know you have bigger plans than he could ever imagine.
To Amber: Age 21
8. Skip grad school for now and go traveling internationally for the year. Have more fun.
To Amber: Age 22
9. Tell Mark you really like him, otherwise he won't figure it out. And stop drinking like you are one of the guys, you'll pay for it later. Have more fun.
To Amber: Age 23
10. If a guy needs alcohol to have the guts to ask you out, he isn't worth it and probably does not have a strong enough personality to be with you.
11. Good sex does not equal good relationship potential.
To Amber: Age 24
12. Don't give up your dog because your roommate won't let you keep it-this should indicate to you that you two probably aren't the best-suited roommates. Break up with the insecure loser now, you know he isn't what you want. Start listening to your gut instinct and trusting yourself. Learn break-up efficiency.
To Amber: Age 25
13. Don't sleep with B, it won't be worth it.
14. Tell Greg how you really feel because if you don't he'll never know and you will still be thinking the same things a year from now. You've been wondering about him ever since your mom wouldn't let you go get ice cream with him when you were 16. Isn't it about time to do something about it? Enjoy the kiss. Show people who you really are and let them love you. Have confidence in your abilities. Have fun. Quit your job, it isn't what you want, you are creatively stifled, are settling, and not using your gifts.