Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

April B.
Jacksonville, Florida USA



Me: Hello?
Him: Hi, April? Is this April?
Me: Yes, who's this?
Him: Hey, April.
Me: Hey, who's this?
Him: Do you not recognize this voice?
Me: Um-hmm... you do sound awfully familiar.
Him: It's me, Elmi.
Me: Aw! Elmi, hey.
Him: Hey, I'm sorry I didn't call sooner, I wanted to call sooner.
Me: How have you been doing, Elmi?
Him: I've been doing okay.
Me: Just okay? Mhmm, me too.
Him: How are you?
Me: I just said-- I'm just okay too.
Him: I've been thinking about you.
Me: Oh yeah?
Him: Yeah. I mean, I've been thinking about how I hate not being able to see you around anymore, you know, since you left.
Me: I miss you too, Elmi.
Him: Yeah?
Me: Yeah.
Him: I was also thinking--
Me: I've been thinking about you too. I'm sorry I didn't call sooner. I wanted to call sooner too.
Him: --that--
Me: I've always wanted to tell you that you were the nicest stranger I've ever met, and that I've always appreciated that -- that is you being the nicest stranger to me.
Him: --maybe we should--
Me: God, I'm so glad that you called! I mean, to think that I'd probably never run into you again... remember how we kept running into each other? Especially that one time, literally...
Him: (smiling) --get together some time.
Me: What?
Him: Let's get together some time!
Me: Really?
Him: Really! Okay?
Me: ... okay.
Him: Okay?
Me: Okay!
Him: (still smiling) Okay.
Me: (smiling) So then, Stranger, when are you going to kidnap me?
Him: (can't stop smiling) I don't know, when can I kidnap you?