Learning To Love You More




Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Ellicott City, Maryland USA



You never really think about what will happen to you after you die. Not many people want to think about it. Death is that thing that's always in that back of our minds, but we suppress it. No one wants to die and many of us fear death itself. Being asked to think about what I'd want to happen with my body is not something I've ever considered. I'm only 18. Many of us just feel that we'll live forever, or at least not die so young. When I first asked myself the question, “What would I do with my body after my death,” I was sitting with my friend. Jokingly he said, “You should send your body out to sea.” I agreed saying a Viking burial would be cool. But as I thought about it further, I don't deserve a burial such as that. 1) I was never a Viking and 2) I don't have any real connection to the ocean. I don't even go in the water that much when I'm at the beach. What I really want is something meaningful. I want to be buried in a way that will show that kind of person I was or to show people something I loved. But that is what I'd like for myself later on, when I've really had a chance to develop a sense of meaning in my life. Right now, I'm really just going to hope I don't die just yet. I've still go a lot of living to do. So until I have a something that means enough to be for be to be buried near it or with it, I leave the decision up to my parents. They raised me and they'll know what's best.