Learning To Love You More




Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Genevieve Sage
Seattle, WA USA



This is difficult to write and makes me sad. But I suppose it's true: it is good planning.
My wish is pretty simple, well, actually it's not because there are a few sticky issues we have to get out of the way first.
As I am extremely close with my mother, I am trying to program myself to die at the same time she does, preferably naturally, so I can spare myself the pain of losing her.
And when I do croak, hopefully elegantly dressed in a fur coat, the following is what I would like to be done.
1. Call my friend Stacy to come over to my apartment and rid it of any "incriminating" evidence or suggestible paraphernalia (this is not as bad as how it may sound but I am a Scorpio and therefore, very private.)
2. Appoint my friend Cristen as the executer of all my artistic endeavors.
I know the above is more will/testament than body related, but it is important for me to get those little details in there as well.
3. My body should be cremated with the main urn staying with my parent(s). I would like a little bit, oh, say 1 cup, spread over the Pacific Ocean off a Washington Coast beach. Then, someone will need to commission an artisan/jewelry metalsmith to make small capsulated amulets for all my loved ones. In these necklaces, inside the hopefully ornate little metal pills, is where my ashes should fill. They can wear them around their necks and always have a piece of Me with them even after I'm gone.