Learning To Love You More




Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Wendy S.
Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts USA



When I die, if it has been a regular sort of death, and not really violent or disgusting, I'd like to be cared for a bit at first. I'd like someone to make sure I am relatively clean and clothed, or at the very least covered. In other words, if I've fallen in the shower, please put a robe around me or something. If I've thrown up, clean me up. That sort of thing. Then call the funeral folks. Maybe sit with me until they come. If there's any way my organs can be useful, make it so. Then, I'd like to be cremated. A memorial at a friend or family member's house would be good. I would love it if everyone could share a meal and spend an evening together. Good food, good music. Otis Redding, the Stones, Dylan. Wine and whiskey. I'd like it if there were photos of me, at various ages and with friends and family, instead of my box of ashes on display. As for those, I'd like it if my loved ones would each write me a letter, and take a bit of my ashes, and bury it/ scatter it/ etc. at a time and place of their choosing. I would like some part of my ashes to be buried with a copy of Leaves of Grass. A good spot would be by the marble bench with the quote from "Orlando" on it in the woods near Fresh Pond in Cambridge.