Learning To Love You More




Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Agnieszka D.



After thinking about it, I guess I dont wanna be burned, unless my ashes can be dropped out in the ocean or the sky - which is illegal where i live right now. So, lets say, i wanna be burried - still i dont wanna have a catholic kind of a funeral with some priest i dont know talking phony things about how great i was and that God shall take care of me. I rather believe in the circle of life and some kind of spiritual powers that surround us all the time. I dont need a tombstone, but i would like to have some tree or a bunch of flowers where i lay down, something that grows and makes the place where i lay recognizable, because i think it might be good sometimes for the ones i left behind to have a certain place they can go to and talk to me, if it makes them feel better. I also would like the people to have a party and it would be nice if they could say something about me - i was always curious what people would say about me ones im dead - and i really recommend them to be honest. Plus, the song i would like to be played at my burrial (so far) is "You're gonna die" by William Shattner, i hope it will remind the living to really go for it and do whatever they please as long as they can.
I would like to have a bouquet of white Zantedeschia-Flowers (or white lilies) and red heliconia flowers, and a second bouquet consisiting of some fieldflowers put on my grave.
The other possibility of course is, that someone i loved and who loved and knew me very well will burn me and steal my ashes and bring them to a place i would like.