Learning To Love You More




Assignment #11
Photograph a scar and write about it.

Mariana Sandoval



Well, the story goes like this:
I was climbing down a fence as my friends and I were escaping the abandoned house we had broke in; not because the fun was over or because it was late, but, just because a policemen was kindly asking for it
Everything was going fine; I was happily on my way down, when one of my feet slid & my left arm got hooked to the barbwire of the fence as the rest of my body fell.
Be reassured I didn t feel much as I was under the influences of the Greek God Dionysus or Bacchus to the Romans, in other words, I was quite DRUNK.
After few Uhhs and Ahhs, I took a look to what had happened to one of my beautiful upper limbs; & according to my distorted views of reality, everything was just fine!! & there was nothing more, except a few minor scratches!!!!!!!!
Despite my friend s insistence of going to the hospital, I went home...
Of course thanks to the all mightiness of the Tequila wisdom, I was sure I could handle it myself and of course, didn t need to tell my parents
But surprise, surprise what happened next day, ridiculously early in the morning, when I was supposed to get ready to take a plane that would fly me over the Atlantic???
Well, well. The distorted, beautiful and hilarious pictures from the night before where gone And besides a tremendous hangover what else was there??? A Damn Huge Wound!!! That for sure needed medical attention But guess what??? -It was too late to do anything!! In short, the wound stayed opened, until human body wonders did what they had to And, finally I told my parents about what until now, they call My Little Ethylic Incident . Anyway, they couldn t do much I had the vastness of The Atlantic to protect me from being questioned!!!
This happened 6 years ago, and you might be wondering. what did I learn from this Life s Lesson ?!
I guess, that I could say I learnt not to keep problems to myself and that I can trust my parents for whatever happens; Koz for sure They Love Me a Lot and this is a good reason for LearningToLoveMeMore
My Friend
The End.
P.S don t be concerned No need to get AA support, at least, not yet