Learning To Love You More




Assignment #11
Photograph a scar and write about it.

Judith Abell
Hobart, Tasmania AUSTRALIA



I call this my art scar. Its difficult to see, which is the luck in the incident, but it is what is making my eyebrow hair look as though it is split in two.
A couple of years ago I was making my normal walk to work, up over the hill, past the art gallery, about 2 minutes away from where I stop to pick up a take away coffee. The art gallery often has fairly naff work in the window, but being an artist myself, I always glance in, just in case. This time something caught my attention for more than a second so i kept looking, but did not stop walking. Due to my art focus, I didn't see the temporary council sign describing works to the roadway. One massive bang later I was standing dazed on the path feeling like an idiot and laughing to myself that i'd end up on someone's funniest home video. I just thought i'd klonked my head, but when i put my hand on the area I realised that there was a lot of blood. Not quite knowing what to do I started to walk home again. Another walker rounded the corner and I asked him to have a look and see what the damage was as I couldn't see it myself. He looked a little faint, saying that the cut was very deep. Then a woman on a bike turned up and very efficiently collected me up and took me to her house along the road where she made me a cup of tea, helped me clean up and talked incessantly at me. There were a lot of cats in that house. Turns out my sunglass lens had broken with the impact, cutting my left eyebrow horizontally in two.
Finally my boyfriend turned up to take me to the doctor, who stitched me up in cheery style, telling me how lucky i was because the scar would disappear into my eyebrow in time (as indeed it has), and laughing at the fact that this was the first time he'd stitched up something like this where there was no alcohol or bar brawl involved.
I liked how the stitches made me look tough for a day or so.