Learning To Love You More




Assignment #1
Make a child's outfit in an adult size.

Laura Lark
Houston, Texas



I made the romper out of 2 blankets I bought at Value Village, which cost sixty cents each. Then I modified an adult elephant costume pattern that I bought for $1. The only new thing on it was the zipper, which kind of irritated me. I like everything I make and wear to be old or used. This doesn't necessarily mean "vintage"; I just like this weird history that clothes have, and how you can tell so many things about people (or misread so many things) by the clothes they are wearing.
Wearing the romper was kind of fun, but considering how I feel about clothing as an indicator, it was something that I had to do when I was in an "up" mood. If I had been tired or depressed, I don't think I could have fended off the implications of the raised eyebrows and puzzled looks without wanting to crawl in a hole. A couple of people mentioned that it looked comfortable, and they wished that they had one. Since it was 90 degrees on the day I wore it, most people asked me if I wasn't hot. I was very hot. I also had to correct a lot of people: NO, I am NOT a bunny! This is a ROMPER!
The bottom of my feet got really dirty, since I didn't make non-skid pads on the feet. It reminded me of when my dad was in graduate school in Tucson, Arizona, and I would crawl out of the window every day when I was supposed to be napping, and I wouldn't have shoes on. The boys in the neighborhood and I would slide down the hillside storm drains on our butts and rip holes in our pants and socks. That was really fun, so I liked the pleasant associations my romper brought back to me.