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Assignment #49
Draw a picture of your friend's friend.


Think of someone who your friend has referred to over the years, but who you have never met or seen a picture of. Perhaps it is their relative or therapist or teacher or friend from out of town. Make sure your friend has a photograph of this person but don't look at the photograph before you make your drawing, you will only need the photograph later. Based on a description from your friend you should have an image of this person in your mind. Using a red colored pencil or pen, draw the person in as much detail as you can, from at least the waist up. Do not do this assignment unless you are in the mood to do a detailed drawing. If you need a drawing guide, refer to photos of people who you think this person might look like. After you have finished show the drawing to your friend and ask to see the photograph of the actual person. Send us copies of both the drawing and the photograph.
D O C U M E N T A T I O N >
Send the picture and photo (scanned or xeroxed) to Yuri. Also email us the name of your friend and who the person is to them, for example: "Jillian's Therapist", or "Mark's first girlfriend." Do not write directly on the picture.