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Assignment #13
Recreate the moment after a crime.


Many papers or on-line magazines have "crime blotters" or "save our streets" sections. Take a simple, one sentence description of a crime such as:
"A woman from Hanham grabbed a handbag from a 73 year-old woman as she stood with her friend at a bus stop."
and make a video title of this. Make the title in white lettering in Futura font on an orange background. The the first words of the title should be the place where the crime happened, followed by the one sentence description of the crime. This title should be up for as long as it takes to read it and should be immediately followed by a video that lasts no more than 5 seconds, or less than the length of the title. This video is a single shot of the person who was attacked (or robbed or yelled at, etc), after the attack. The shot should have no zoom or camera movement. It is a personal moment, with no violent action in it. The person playing the role of the attacked should think of the times in their life when they have been very surprised and scared in order to help recreate the moment. There shouldn't be yelling or talking in the video, this is simply a stunned moment, that is all. The video should also not be silent; the natural sounds of the environment ( traffic, birds, etc.) should be audible. You may use additional information from the article to help orient yourself in the scene, such as:
"The victim felt her handbag, which contained $45 in cash and various credit cards, being removed seconds before the car sped off, sent her sprawling."
What you would be recreating in this case is the moment after the woman has been sent sprawling, in other words: the moment after the action. Do not include any of this information in your title. Do not dress up or use elaborate props; wear your own clothes. You are yourself, trying to recreate a feeling that someone else had.
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The following video formats are acceptable:
-Quicktime .mov file
Put the original recording in a safe place for possible future exhibition.