Learning To Love You More




Assignment #12
Get a temporary tattoo of one of Morgan Rozacky's neighbors.


We really love Morgan Rozacky's project, completed for Assignment #2: "Make a neighborhood field recording". We don't know who she is or anything about her, but we like to think about her neighbors and their songs. Lester Tyra, Byran (Dale) Pope, Hazel Sedita...these people are like movie stars to us. Go to Assignment #2, look at and listen to Morgan's project, choose a neighbor and print out their picture. Then take this picture to a friend (or stranger) and ask them to draw a tattoo of the chosen neighbor on your body with a ball point pen. This will feel nice. Don't give them a lot of feedback, just encourage them to use their own drawing style. There should be a banner above the picture that says: Learning to Love You More, and a banner below the picture that says the name of the neighbor.
D O C U M E N T A T I O N >
Take a close-up picture of the tattoo. Send this along with your name, location and the name of the tattoo artist.
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23 Feb 2003
New York, NY USA
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